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Welcome to the website of the IWCEA, the International Association of Wire and Cable Machine Manufacturers. IWCEA, the international association of wire and cable machine manufacturers, unites the national associations of Germany, Austria and France.

Our goal

promoting the joint interests of the wire and cable machine manufacturers who are organised in the national associations and their suppliersand customers. Our work involves providing advice and support in all technical matters and representing the interests of the members with regard to authorities, public corporations and other organisations and committees. Our main focus when doing this is on the coordination, preparation and implementation of exhibitions, symposia and trade fairs.

President of the IWCEA

Dipl.-Ing. Ralf Kappertz

Chairman of the Board of Directors of
Maschinenfabrik NIEHOFF GmbH & Co. KG, Schwabach

* March 20 1968, married with 1 child

Career: Qualified as a graduate engineer in manufacturing technology from the RWTH Aachen. 5 years as a management consultant in the area of ​​manufacturing management and restructuring in the upper management levels of various companies since 2002.

Deputy President IWCEA

Dr.-Ing. Uwe-Peter

CEO of WAFIOS AG, Reutlingen
Spokesman of the board and the board for technology, development, sales and finance at WAFIOS AG, Reutlingen

* September 20 1965, married with 1 child

Career: Studied mechanical engineering at the TU Dresden, Major field of study: Forming technology and manufacturing process design, 7 years as research assistant at the Institute for Machine Tools and Manufacturing Technology at TU Berlin. 1997 PhD in “Honing Ceramic Materials”. In the upper management levels of various companies since 1997.

Deputy President IWCEA

Mag. Dr. Kurt G. Eder

Owner and CEO of EDER ENGINEERING GmbH, Vienna/Austria

January 21 1942, married with 2 children

Career: Graduated first at the University Leoben with a master of mechanical and metallurgical engineering degree (Dipl-Ing.), finally also acquiring a PhD. in this field.

Continuing then his education at the Vienna University, with a master’s degree in law.

(Mag.iur.). Founder and President of the AWCMA/VOEDKM.


  • Wire 86

    Wire 86


    The “wire” trade fair takes place for the first time in Düsseldorf

  • Foundation ACIMAF

    Foundation ACIMAF

    ACIMAF founded in Italy, the first European national association, IWCEA member until 2005

  • Foundation VDKM, VOEDKM, AFIEF

    Foundation VDKM, VOEDKM, AFIEF
    • Foundation of the VDKM, national association of Germany
    • of the VOEDKM, regional association Austria and
    • of the AFIEF, now: IWCEAFrance, National Association of France
  • Foundation IWCEA

    Foundation IWCEA

    Umbrella organization IWCEA was founded in December 1988

  • Entry register of associations

    On April 13, IWCEA entered in the German association register

  • Elections

    Elections to the current association board

    • 1st president: Dipl.-Ing. Ralf Kappertz
    • Deputy President: Dr.-Ing. Uwe-Peter Weigmann
  • 30 Years!

    IWCEA celebrates its 30th anniversary

  • Realignment


    Realignment with new brand identity and objectives of the IWCEA umbrella organization and its members

Trade fair dates

We support our partner associations in all matters concerning organization and participation in the most important trade fairs in our industry at home and abroad. This also includes bundling and representing our common interests vis-à-vis the organizers.


VDKM – Association of German Wire and
Cable Machine Manufacturers

National representative for Germany with 52 member companies, founded in 1988. Five of the eight founder members are still active in the association today.

President: Dr.-Ing. Uwe-Peter Weigmann

AWCMA – Austria Wire & Cable Machinery Manufactures Association

National representative for Austria with 16 member companies, founded in 1988.

President: Dr. Kurt Eder

IWCEA France

Landesvertretung für Frankreich mit 20 Mitgliedsunternehmen, gegründet 1988

Präsident: François Chambellant

Membership requirement

Membership of IWCEA is only possible for national associations of wire and cable machine manufacturers. However, any natural or legal person or partnership can voluntarily become a member of one of the regional associations. Associations or organizations can become associate members. They are entitled to participate in the events of the association.

These members receive technical and economic information in the scope determined by the board. More information about admission to a national association is available from our partner associations for Germany, Austria or France

What are the benefits of membership?

A membership in one of our partner associations gives you many advantages:

  • Exchange of information and maintenance of contacts with the scope of regular meetings and events within the environment of the wire processing industry, nationally and internationally
  • Talks, seminars and training opportunities in conjunction with the German Spring Association
  • Open house events with the other members
  • Joint development and research projects
  • Support and representation of interests at our industry’s most important trade fairs, nationally and internationally